EFF fights against BCMM power cuts

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By: Zethu Gweva

The Economic Freedom Fighters gave the Buffalo City Metro Municipality a week’s notice to unblock the resident’s electricity.

This is after residents argued that they are being billed unreasonably without clear reasons.

According to EFF spokesperson Siya Rumbu, without any definite figures to stipulate the exact number people who have had they their electricity unblocked, they are pleased with the municipality’s response as they have started unblocking power in areas such as Duncan Village, Scenery  Park, Amalinda, Mdantsane, Zwelitsha and Ginsberg.

“We are pleased to see that they have started unblocking for some residents. Those are places where you find our people, the poorest of the poor and working class,” Said Rumbu.

He added that they are working with the party councillors to forward accounts that were blocked and allow residents to buy electricity again.

When BCM News asked if is the EFF the reason that power was unblocked, Rumbu said It cannot be a coincidence that they started unblocking after the communities and EFF started expressing themselves.

He added that this is not an EFF project, this is the EFF joining residents in saying enough is enough.

“We are leaders of society, we stood up because we were approached by communities. We are fighting side by side with residents. What we will achieve after this will be their victory. Communities must remain vigilant and identify problematic elements such as the people leading this municipality from the Mayor Xola Pakathi down, “he said.

BCM News was unable to get a comment from the BCM spokesperson, Samkelo Ngwenya.

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