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By: Vuyolwethu Nzolongwane.

Asanda Maqajana is the name behind the success of the popular Facebook page, Eastern Cape Vacancies, boasting more than 100 000 followers. She created the page in September 2020 after having been a moderator for a previous job group where members would complain about the authenticity of the jobs posted on that group.

To make sure that the page is a success and that the jobs that she posts are not fake or spam, she verifies her job posts with the said hiring companies before posting and often shares job vacancies that are directly from the companies and that she receives via email and company websites.

“90% of my time is spent on my phone, I am always emailing companies, asking if they are currently taking CVs at that moment and if they are, then I ask for their permission to post the vacancy on the page,” said Maqajana.

Being a page administrator comes with a couple of challenges, especially since Maqajana is unemployed but through the support of the page followers and local radio stations, she has managed to push through whatever challenges that she has come across. As an unemployed person herself, she finds comfort in knowing that she has helped someone get a chance of being employed by sharing vacancies on her page.

“Looking for a job while helping others has been difficult for me, there are times where I am emotionally and mentally not okay, the stress of not having a job affects me every day and I may seem okay but I am not. I am teaching myself to take each day as it comes. Helping others has always been who I am, I love helping, and it’s in my blood. I have never been a selfish person, when I have information about something, I share it,” said Maqajana.

She further spoke of how looking for a job during the pandemic has been tough and how demotivating it can be to receive rejection emails, brief messages of how companies are currently not looking for new staff members or no responses at all.
“Unemployment has affected me so much that I have become withdrawn from my friends. I am at an age where I am expected to be assisting my parents with things needed at home but I cannot do so because of unemployment.

This situation has stressed me out so much that I sometimes cry myself to sleep. Not having a job hurts so much, it somehow buries your soul. It’s not a nice feeling and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone,” said Maqajana.

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